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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

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TUTTI people-oriented, do their best to create a comfortable work environment for employees. TUTTI people enjoy the following benefits:
1. Social Insurance
The company handles social insurance for employees according to the state regulations. The specific insurance types and payment proportions are enforced according to the relevant provisions of the local social insurance, such as pension, work injury, medical treatment, unemployment, and birth.
2. Commercial Insurance
The company purchases commercial insurance for its employees based on job requirements, including:
(1) Employer liability insurance.
(2) personal accident insurance.
(3) Transportation and safety insurance.
3, the various subsidies
The company provides corresponding attendance awards, production awards, overtime subsidies, housing allowances, food subsidies, seniority awards, year-end bonuses, and Spring Festival ticket subsidy according to work needs and the position of the employees.
4, paid vacation
Staff members are entitled to paid vacations such as annual leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, maternity leave, and work-related injury leave.
5, employee benefits
(1) Employee welfare activities: Employee activities are carried out on a monthly basis (communication sessions, friendship meetings, tug-of-war competitions, ball games, fun games, etc.).
(2) Employees' Birthday Party: Organize employee birthday party activities every quarter, and present day gifts;
(3) Each employee is given fruit, refreshing drinks, mung bean soup, etc. in summer.
(4) Annual Tourism: Intra-provincial and foreign tourism.