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sales manager
Location: Shijiazhuang, Chengdu, Xiamen, Wuhan, Ningbo, Shanghai
Recruitment: 8
Date of release: 2018-03-17
◆Job requirements:
1. According to the company's strategy and annual sales goals, draw up personal sales goals and plans, break down monthly sales tasks, and ensure the completion of performance.
2. Develop marketing channels and maintain customer relationships according to market conditions and sales objectives to ensure that sales channels provide strong support for the completion of sales performance.
3. Manage and assist regional distributors to carry out new product promotion according to the sales project situation to ensure the sales target completion rate.
4. Collection and analysis of regional market information, product information and competitor information
5. Feedback customer's demand in time, carry out customer order collection, contract signing, delivery, repayment, etc.
6. Responsible for handling customer complaints, pre-sale, in-sales and after-sales service of products
◆Requirements for appointment:
1. College degree or above, excellent ability and experience can be relaxed to senior high school;
2. Experience in hardware, furniture materials and machinery industry is preferred.
3. Good customer development ability and negotiation skills;
4. C1 driver's license and transportation are preferred.
Contact number:0757-2639705