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Resume Express

Resume Express

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【Applicable Information】
1. Resume delivery: Candidates can directly submit their resumes on the recruitment website (Five-Worry-free, Pearl River Delta Talent Network, Zhilian Recruitment Network), or directly send resumes to the company's recruitment emails. To ensure that resumes can be processed in a timely manner, email titles are required. Fill in the format of "Apply - Position - Name", please send your resume in the text.
2. Interviewing matters needing attention: When interviewing, you must bring a personal resume, a small one-inch color photo, an original or copy of the academic certificate, and the design and planning of the post need to bring related works.
3, network recruitment: worry-free career, the Pearl River Delta Talent Network, Zhaolian recruitment (click to view)
[Interview place]
1. Tuote Company Address: 2-1-1, Zhongyong Industrial Zone, Gangxi Road, Leliu Town, Shunde District
2. Bus line: Daliang or Leliu sit 361 and 371 buses get off at the “Zhongyu Road” stop and walk across the Chungyong Bridge at the traffic lights. The National Bridge goes straight to the end and turns left along the white building.