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The company has long adhered to the corporate culture of “integrity, sincerity, responsibility, and mutual benefit” and has established a high-quality furniture hardware R&D, manufacturing, sales, and management team. The introduction, development and training of talents have become the fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of the company. In recent years, hundreds of professionals have been introduced into the production of hinges. Today, the company has formed a business backbone team with rich experience in everything from production to management to operations.
The company adheres to the "people-oriented" concept of employment, and provides a broad career development space under the principle of fairness, openness, and fairness. It has formed a talent selection mechanism with a combination of moral integrity and merit, internal promotion, and job rotation. And the competition mechanism for competition and survival of the fittest.
Being a man in advance, being brave in taking responsibility, being willing to give dedication, and being honest and self-discipline are the quality of life that the company pays attention to. Being committed to innovation, pursuing excellence, and teamwork are the company's style of doing things. It is the company’s unrelenting pursuit to gather and cultivate high-quality talent in the industry and commit itself to contributing social and personal values. The long-term and common development of personnel and corporate personnel policy, enhance the sense of belonging of employees, so that the company gathered a group of first-rate talent.